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Powermap Z9 Features

Our Advantage

POWERMAP Z9 is Malaysia's first car navigation system to display 3D landmarks and junction views. Its improved graphic display quality provides users with confidence and ease in following driving directions even at difficult intersections. Powermap Z9 comes with a choice of voice navigation in Thai, English, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese.

Main Menu

Powermap underlying technology is based on understanding and predicting which actions users want to perform in various situations, and enabling those actions simply and instantaneously. Those personal, situation-based actions are presented in a unique, intuitive User Interface.

Elevated Highway

The newly innovated technology allows 3D viewing of elevated expressways

3D Landmarks

Real 3D landmrks enhances safety and driving convenience.

Night View

Colour changes to ensure a smoothing display while driving during night time.

Picture Navi

Simply take a picture of your favourite destination with a GPS-enabled phone or camera. You can load it into Powermap software and it enable you to quickly navigate to your favourite destinations in just a few clicks away.

Travel Guide

Displays detailed images, names, locations, ratings of finest hotels, restaurants and other attractions in Malaysia